Lice can be a problem for a person who is infested with it. Aside from making you feel uncomfortable because of the intense itchiness, it can also sometimes cause you embarrassment. Lice are not only a problem for children. Adults can also get it. Gender does not also play a role in who can get lice, even if you are a boy or a girl, you can still get lice. There are still questions in people’s head on how one can get lice. There is also a burning question about can black people get lice?

An Introduction about Head Lice

Before we answer the question on who can get lice, let us first try to explain what lice are. Lice have three kinds, head lice, body lice and pubic lice. The common problem among people is the head lice. These insects are scientifically known as pediculosis capitis. They usually stay on people’s scalp. Their eggs are known as nits. They are found mostly on the hair strand. Head lice get their nutrition from the blood they suck from the human’s head. The size of a head louse is almost like a sesame seed. They range from grayish to brownish in color. They thrive in warm places so mostly they stay near the nape and behind the ears of a person.

Can African Americans Get Lice?

The next question now would be who can get infected with head lice? First of all, we have to realize that these are insects and they do not have the ability to choose and select their human host. They would mostly choose anyone who has hair and blood they can use as nourishment. Do African Americans get lice? I don’t think head lice have the capability to be able to know what race or gender they can latch on to for feeding. So, in reality, anyone can get lice. Whether you are white, African American, Asian or German you can get lice. So the next time you ask the question do black people get lice? Yes, of course, black people can get head lice. Some people might think that only those who have long hair or straight hair are more prone to head lice. That is not the case, there are studies that you get head lice infestation regardless of the length of your hair.

How Do You Get Lice?

So, how can one get lice? Well, if the most common way that you can get infected with lice is when you are in close contact with a person who has them. This mostly happens to school age children because they interact with other children and some of them may already be infested with head lice. Another way for you to get lice is when you use the things used by a person that is infected. Mostly these objects could be the comb, hair accessories, caps and hats.

How to Get Rid of Lice?

Some people might feel panicked when they learn that they or their children have lice infestation. This should not be the case because there are several ways for you to be able to get rid of lice quickly and safely. Here are some tips that you can follow, but it will still depend on the person which one he or she would prefer to use.

First is the organic or natural way of removing lice. The most direct way of Can black people get lice?getting rid of lice is to patiently comb them from your hair. You can use a nit comb and part your hair into several sections to effectively remove the head lice in each part. To help you along there are home remedies that you can use. You can use vinegar, mayonnaise, olive oil in getting rid of lice. These materials can be found at home and will not have side effects that can harm your health.  It can take longer though to remove the head lice.

Second way for you to get rid of lice is to use lotion or shampoos that have 1% permethrin. This treatment is available at drugstores and can be bought without a doctor’s prescription. There are also medicinal lice shampoos that need a doctor’s prescription before you can buy it. This kind of treatment has chemicals that can be harmful so you need to follow the directions strictly before you can use them.

The third way for you to get rid of lice is to consult a head lice salon wherein professional hair experts take care of your head lice problem. It can be more expensive but you are more assured that your head lice infestation can be solved correctly and safely.

The next time someone would ask you, “Can black people get lice?” You can safely answer yes, they can get lice. Head lice cannot really distinguish gender, race or social status so anyone can get them.