If nits are really stubborn. They stick to the hair strands like glue. Hair nits are sometimes mistaken as dandruff because of their color and appearance. If you look closely at the hair strand, then that is the only time you can distinguish that it is not dandruff.  The nits should be removed from the hair shaft with painstaking care. Mostly, head lice are easier to remove than nits. Don’t despair though because there are ways to get rid of nits.

Appearance of a Nit

When you look at head lice pictures you’ll see that nits are almost invisible. The nit is only a fraction of a millimeter. It is similar to a flat based head of a pin. It is also similar like the period you put at the end of the sentence. Although it is small, it can still be seen by the naked eye. Nits are oval shaped. They are brown or gray in appearance before they hatch. When the eggs are hatched the egg casing turns white. The eggs are found very close to the scalp. They will hatch after a week. A female louse can lay as much as 100 eggs per week.

Getting Rid of Nits

Nits can stubbornly stay in the hair strand and may take a long time to be removed, but there are ways in getting rid of nits. The first thing that you have to do is to check for the nits on the hair. They usually stay in the warm places of the head like the nape and behind the ears. When you are checking for the nits, bright lights are highly recommended so you can see them immediately. After checking for the nits, wash the hair thoroughly with regular shampoo. Then follow it up with conditioner. The conditioner will aid you in removing the hair nits from the hair shaft quickly by using a lice comb.

If the individual has long hair, make sure to section off the hair to make the removal of nits easier. Check each section thoroughly for nits. If there are no more nits that appear when you comb, then rewash the hair. Continue this process until the hair is already free from nits.

Home Remedies for Nits

If combing does not work then there are some home remedies that you can use to get rid of nits. You can use vinegar to remove nits. All you have to do is to put 1 cup of vinegar in a bowl, mix it with 1 cup warm water. Then wash your hair with the solution. Let it stay for one hour. Remove the dead nits by using comb. Then wash your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner.

Another home remedy that you can use is the olive oil. Gently massage the olive oil through your hair. The olive oil will loosen the substance that makes the nit stick tightly to your hair. It will not be easier for you  to remove the nits using the comb because of  the olive oil.

Over the Counter Treatments

It would look like that the nits are stubbornly clinging to your hair and the home remedies can only do so much. It is now time to take more action about the nits. There are medicated shampoos and creams that you can buy over the counter. Since most of these over the counter treatments would have chemicals, be sure to consult a pediatrician or dermatologist. Some of them may contain harmful chemicals and when used incorrectly may worsen your problem instead of solving it. The highly recommended medication is the NIX which contains permethrin, and RID which contains Pyrethrin.  When you use these medications make sure that you follow the directions carefully.


We need to understand that getting nits or head lice is not because socio-economic levels or gender. We get infected by nits or lice because we had direct contact with a person who already has lice infestation. That is why lice are mostly common to children between the ages of 3-12. Children love to play with one another and they stay close with their playmates, this is when the lice transfer happens. The best prevention to do is to make sure that the things used by the person on his hair should be disinfected. Wash the comb, brush and hair accessories with warm water and soap. Remove beddings and blankets used. Wash them also to remove traces of nits and lice.

Getting rid of nits and lice is not an exact science. There will be hits and misses. One solution cannot work with everyone. What you have to do is to just choose which one you think will work for you and try it. As long as there are no harmless chemicals involve you can use them to help you get rid of the nits and head lice.